Hi I'm James...

Back in April 2018 I had decided enough was enough…

Each day, I used to wake up in the mornings with a feeling of dread. I would drag myself out of bed already complaining about the day ahead. I would go to work and spend 8 hours in an office, working hard towards someone else’s goals and dreams whilst neglecting my own. Week in and week out, I would work hard to line someone else’s pockets, as I lived pay check to pay check. My days lacked purpose, passion and true happiness. The only thing I would look forward to was the weekends where I would blow off steam and repeat the never ending cycle. I was settling for an average pay check and an average life when I desired so much more… 

And that is where my journey began!

I am Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Podcaster, Life Enthusiast and Traveller! I used to live my life with no purpose, no desire and no feeling of self fulfilment until I decided enough was enough. This is where my journey of self development began. I started to be proactive towards my true happiness and dreams. Through levelling up my habits and routines, aligning how I wanted to live with how I lived today and creating powerful goals my life went from ordinary to extraordinary… From solo travelling the world, mastering my emotions and mindset and building an online business


I now help people like you to unleash your true potential, take action and build huge momentum on their dreams and success! 


  • Implementing Powerful and Meaningful Goals

  • Creating purpose outside the 9 to 5

  • Focusing on the self narrative story your tell yourself

  • Modelling successful people and implementing success habits into your daily routine

  • Focusing on the small habits and actions you take today, that compound over time

  • Asking better quality questions to get a better quality of life!


Impact Coaching is designed to help people discover their true potential and explore how the achieve that. 

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