I give young people the tools and techniques to get motivated & manage their mental health - not just a quick fix, a life time supply! 

Broaden Pupils' Aspirations by 93%

Increase Students Motivation to Study by 80%

Encourage Pupils to Believe in Their Skills & Abilities 80%

86% of organisations who hired a life coach said it was worth the investment.

Group Coaching, 1-2-1 Coaching &

Motivational Speaking

Workshop topics covering;​

  • Resilience for the working working world

  • Build the life skills, as well as work skills to have great careers.

  • Feel like they have opportunities in life 

  • Reduce stress and anxiety for exams

  • Confidence in themselves and their future 

  • Improve engagement and motivation 

  • Understanding and managing emotions

  • Improved relationships

Working with Schools, academies, Higher Education and Apprenticeship providers


Helping young people to;

  • Have the confidence to attempt bigger things.

  • Command the rewards their skills deserve.

  • Increase choice in their life

  • Make better career and life choices

  • Manage their mental health more productively


To find out how you can benefit your organisation

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